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Right to reply

I allow full reply from anyone I’ve criticised, posted directly underneath my original blog entry if they wish. I’ll even allow them to be impolite and disrespectful. All they need to do is contact me via the feedback form, or email me direct at robert (at) mediahell.org.

I note that most of the people I criticise do not guarantee a right-to-reply. At best they provide a heavily-censored message board separate from their writings, or a standard blog-comments facility, in which the responses from those who’ve been criticised tend to get swamped by other comments/spam.

The “comments closed” caption under the heading on the home page is automatically generated by WordPress (as I haven’t enabled the built-in comments facility). In fact comments are always open, and welcome, at this blog. Please use the CONTACT FORM on the ‘About’ page.


Robert Shone (dissident93)