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“Genocide”: a semantic quiz August 9, 2011

Posted by dissident93 in Genocide, Medialens.

In today’s episode of Spot the Double Standard,
we quiz our readers over “genocide denial” & “smears”…

Semantic Quiz

1. Gerald Caplan, George Monbiot (and others) describe Herman & Peterson as “genocide deniers”. Is this a “smear”?

2. Herman & Peterson retaliated by calling Gerald Caplan a “genocide denier” and “genocide facilitator”. Is this a “smear”?

3. Monbiot says Medialens gives “support” to “genocide denial”. Is this a “smear”?

4. Medialens says the British media (specifically including Andrew Buncombe) has “systematically denied” genocide (and/or British “complicity” in it). Is this a “smear”?

5. Medialens disciple Gabriele Zamparini accused Antiwar.com of “hiding” the “Iraq genocide”. Is this a “smear”?

6. David Peterson coined the term “Bosnia Genocide Lobby” to refer to some of his critics? Is this a “smear”?

7. David Peterson says he’s doing “genocide reallocation”. Is he “smearing” himself?

8. Noam Chomsky has reportedly stated “unequivocally” that “he presumes standard accounts of what happened at Srebrenica to be accurate”. Is Prof Chomsky “smearing” himself, or is he “smearing” Herman, Peterson & Medialens?

How did you do?

• If you answered correctly, try saying “smear” less often to avoid being an “asshole”.* (This applies also to me, except when I say the word in irony).
• If you answered any question incorrectly, shame on you.
• If you laughed at any point, double shame on you.
• Bonus points if you have any idea who David Peterson is.

* In the same way that Herman & Peterson put the term “Rwanda genocide” in inverted commas (supposedly to indicate that they are denying “only” the “standard model” of the genocide), I’m putting the word “asshole” in inverted commas, to distinguish it from the standard insult.